Sun Jar - Solar Powered Light Yellow

by Suck UK

Transform your home, garden or event with the soft, warm glow of the original Sun Jar lamps. With an efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery and LED lamp all sealed within the waterproof traditional mason jar, you can create some unique mood lighting and capture some sunshine for night-time! A simple yet stylish decoration, use the lights to adorn your tabletop indoors or out, for a wedding, garden party or night light. Select the recharge option during daylight hours and allow your lamp to soak up enough power to secure 5 hours of illumination. Once switched onto auto, watch as it shines and glows to create a comforting atmosphere as it gets dark. When you first receive your Sun Jar, leave it to charge for 2-3 days in the best sunlight you can find! An eco-friendly alternative to most lighting, decorations or ornaments. A bright design from Suck UK, makers of the greatest gifts on earth!

Description Length 11 cm, Width 11 cm, Height 15.7 cm. Material Hand blown glass with solar panel components inside. Cardboard Packaging. Charges automatically in direct sunlight and only turns on when dark.