Corkcicle air | Wine chiller and aerator

by Auteur

For the wine enthusiasts who just can't seem to get their preference for a chilled wine, Corkcicle air has designed a chilling bar which keeps your wine chilled to perfection, to maximise drinking pleasure. This bar cools to room temperature reds, and chills white wines whilst aerating them. It even has a built-in pouring feature to stop all the fuss at parties. Another glass you say? Why not?

Description Box dimensions length 31 cm  x width 5 cm. Corkcicle dimensions length 30 cm x width 1.5 cm. Corkcicle is reusable, BPA free and Non-toxic. Care - hand wash only using a mild soap and keep in the freezer between uses. Do not insert into a full bottle of wine, make room by pouring out half a glass.