Hair balm | Virgin coconut oil | 120ml

by Virginutty

Treat dry, damaged hair with this moisturising balm made from organic coconut oil. Leave on overnight as a mask or apply liberally before shampooing to restore tensile strength, reduce frizz and increase shine. Combats daily heat damage and environmental pollution. Best for thick, frizzy and curly hair types.

Coconut oil will naturally turn solid below room temperature. To return the balm to its liquid state, gently warm the product in your hands or place near a heater for a short time. You can also melt a small amount in a bowl for easier application as a mask.

Description 63mm x 62mm, weighs approximately 130g | Glass ointment jar, 120ml volume. Recyclable PVDC lined cap with foil seal. Labels created from recycled corn waste | This haircare product is made from Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (100% Organic)