Crumpled city map of London

by Palomar
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They are the lightest maps in the world: indestructible, soft and 100% waterproof. Crumple, squash or crush into a ball and you'll be ready for your travels. What’s more, the more battered they are, the better they look.

A contemporary reinvention of the most basic travel tool:

  • they are easy to use, more fun and inspire more freedom than traditional maps
  • they have a completely new look, from the street mappings to the colour scheme and include fresh and fun new city icons
  • they provide details about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and much more
  • Soul-sight's are unique places specifically chosen to move, touch and inspire the modern traveller.

Description 87×58 cm. 20 grams. Lightweight Polyethylene material. London location crumple map in plastic labelled box packaging.