"Hello" world language scratch poster travel map

by Luckies
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Before you get the tissues out, this isn’t a poster tribute to Adele’s power ballad. This Hello map will teach you how to say ‘Hello’ not from the other side, but from over 190 countries! So whether you want to say Hola, Salut or Kon’nichiwa, this will have you being friendly all over the world in no time.

Remove the foil from the countries you’ve visited to create a personalised record of your travels. Not only will you learn how to greet the locals in dozens of languages, the bright neon colours will liven up any space you decide to hang it.

For best results, use a coin on a flat surface to remove the foil. 

Description 59.4 x 82.5 x 0.2cm. Made of paper, laminate, coloured foil. Frame not included.