Brand View: Interview with Homewick, Part 4!

Brand Academy brings you the final episode of our interview with Homewick founder, David. He shares with us his top tips on how to keep candles looking at their best, and the hardest thing about running your own business! Watch the full interview here!


BA: What do you think is the hardest thing about running your own business?
Homewick: Running my own business has been both challenging and rewarding. It's been a really nice opportunity to keep busy, and use COVID and lockdown to do something I, perhaps wouldn't have done. It's a lot of hard work and a lot of long nights, especially when I'm up making candles till 3 or 4am. But it is incredibly rewarding as well, I've some fantastic feedback on both Instagram and Trustpilot. In fact, I've quickly become, I think it's number 4 or 5 best rated candle shops in the UK on Trustpilot. I have almost 300 5* reviews on there, which has been really nice to see that customer feedback and to use that feedback too! People like certain scents or perhaps they like particular jars or containers, and what's working and what's not. So it's really helpful to receive that feedback and take that on board.
BA: Do you have any tips for candle users to keep them looking great for as long as possible or safety tips?
Homewick: Absolutely, so the key thing with candles is to ensure you keep them looking at their best and that would be through making sure at the first burn, you need to burn the entire wax pool, so it completely melts all around the container. That will ensure the wick will burn correctly and it doesn't tunnel. Often you'll buy candles, and if don't burn them for long enough or the candle isn't good quality, you'll find that the wick will burn down, but will leave a ring of wax around the outside. This wastes pretty much half the candle. Also, to ensure that there is a clean and straight burn, trim the wick, you can do that with your fingers, but the best thing to use are wick cutters. You can buy them online from Amazon or Ebay - they're pretty cheap. It just makes sure you get a really neat finish to the candle as well as making sure you cut off the right amount. Trimming the wick will make it burn correctly all the way down, and there's no smoke, and you just get the most out of your candle!
      Homewick wooden wick candle
BA: Do you have anything on the horizon? Any more exciting projects or developments you've got coming to Homewick?
Homewick: Yeah, actually I'm just about to launch a membership platform. Essentially it's a candle, or wax melt, or diffuser subscription service, whereby for a lower value, you will be able to receive a candle of your choice, as well as the candle that I'll be doing each month, and I'll have a different scent of the month. So you'll be able to receive 2 candles, almost for the price of one on a rolling subscription basis. It means you get a fresh candle each month, as well as getting to try out one of the latest scents that I'll have with Homewick. You can add that to any of the diffusers, wax melts, room sprays or candles. I think these days you often don't have a lot of time to remember to order stuff, hopefully if you're enjoying the products, which from feedback you are, you can subscribe to the subscription service. All this is on my website, and free UK delivery too! I can get that shipped out to you on a monthly basis or on a quarterly basis if you prefer.


Find out more about Homewick at, and come into our Brand Academy store to smell the different scents! 

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